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Yes, many weight reduction advisors face similar questions from their patients. Why depending on HCG if you're able to drop same pounds by simply following a Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD)?

Well, you may be thinking it right. Because, there are so many herbal medicines, weight reduction aids to experience. However, you can’t just flow inside a normal pace. Loosing weight fast and that too from stubborn, unwanted area is problematic. You never know how a normal diet structure will respond to you and the length of time it may need to acquire good success.

Scientifically, you may consider without HCG Diet. But, then your process will be much tricky and the chance of losing the battle is much high. HCG the sex hormone is the natural hunger suppressant. Without regular HCG supplementation, dieter will find it hard to keep 500 calorie each day diet.

Moreover, you need to be eating few fat and calories, you might loose the muscles or bone and before body fat goes. Remember, body stores fat during deprivation. It brings about reducing cellular metabolism which in the end would cause weight gain. Finally, it will decrease bone density and muscle mass.

HCG works most scientifically. With all the low calorie diet, HCG helps mobilizing excess fat into energy, and rest are still. The low calorie diet prevents you refilling emptied fat cells. Thus, you obtain the benefit of loosing body fat without affecting your bone and muscle.

Other weight loss dieting methods may cheat on foods that aren't allowed on the very low calories diet. Means, excess fat loss speed may get slower as well as your dieting effort might go in vain completely. Moreover, popular diet methods will need special and pre-made meals. So that you are saved to a greater groceries for sure.

So, if you feel proceeding without HCG diet, you never know you might be loosing your energy.

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