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The secret to losing weight on the HCG Diet is adhering to several common sense fundamentals of the diet. These secrets will enable you to successfully lose weight and keep off those extra pounds forever.


A large part of the Santa Monica HCG Diet is about being accountable. You should weigh yourself daily in order to chart your weight loss progress. You should also weigh and measure all of your food and keep track of it in a food journal. This will help you learn the correct portion sizes and also help you learn the amount of calories in the foods that you typically eat. Writing down everything that you eat will help you make better choices because you will be able to track your eating habits in order to change them for the better.

Exercise is a very important aspect of the HCG Diet Santa Monica. Exercise will help you burn fat and calories in order to maximize your weight loss. In fact, exercise will contribute to maintaining overall better health in general. Not only will you feel better physically, but also mentally since exercise helps you keep a positive mindset by increasing your endorphins. Exercise is necessary to promote a longer, happier life.

Nurture support within your community. Whether it be your friends, family or co-workers, it is important that your loved ones support your Santa Monica weight loss efforts. They will help you make weight loss your main priority and keep you focused on your goals. Your loved ones will also help you maintain your motivation by telling you how great you look since you’ve lost weight!

Finally, set a goal and work hard to achieve it. Persistance is key when trying to lose weight. Think thin! Imagine yourself in that new outfit in several sizes smaller than what you currently wear. Envisioning your goals will enable you to take each day at a time and celebrate each small victory. Setting a goal will help you practice better habits, choose better health and ignite the passion within you that you need in order to lose weight and keep it off forever.

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