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HCG diet protocol is contained 4 phases. These phases are elaborated in Linda Prinster’s “HCG Weight-loss Cure Guide” and Kevin Trudeau’s - “The Weight reduction Cure They Don’t Want You to understand about”.

Lets’ take a look at the 4 phases of HCG

Phase one:

The very first phase of HCG diet plan refers to the two day gorge period. You need to start taking the HCG oral doses 3 times a day. You ought to take 10 drops 30 minutes prior to your meals. Make sure you hold the drops for just two - 5 minutes beneath your tongue. Make certain never to drink anything Quarter-hour before or after you consider the drop. With this phase you can eat anything you wish. The one thing to remember is that you simply should concentrate on fat and never on sugar. This can save through the urge to eat in the second phase.

Phase 2 – Very Low Calorie HCG Diet:

HCG drop itself doesn’t allow you to loose weight. It is simply possible in the event you keep to the small calorie diet routine. Switch the signal from surprisingly low calorie Tacoma HCG diet on the 3rd day. Take coffee or tea without sugar in the breakfast. One tablespoon of milk is allowed each day. For lunch and dinner you'll have 100 grams of chicken breast, lobster, fresh white fish, crab or beef. One type vegetable for example tomato, onion, spinach, chicory, beet, chard, cucumbers, cabbage needs to be included in the diet and 2 Melba toasts may be eaten.

Phase 3 - 21 days of Maintenance:

In this phase you should take care of the small calorie Los Angeles HCG diet for that first three days. Throughout the 3rd phase you may stop the consumption of HCG diet. For an additional 30 days you should eat 2000 calorie diet per day. But your diet should exclude starch and sugar. During this phase you'll have to opt for more workouts.

Phase 4 - Life-style change:

Within the last phase you should make positive changes to lifestyle. Slowly introduce starch and sugar in your daily diet. But don’t overdo them. Maintain a balanced diet and choose regular exercise.

Following these four phases properly will provide you with the required result.

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